Suk Kyoung Choi is a Korean artist and researcher working in Vancouver, Canada. She is currently a PhD student at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University. Choi’s work examines metaphors of process in order to understand the nature of transformation at the interface between experience and knowledge.

As an artist, Choi is interested in the translational narrative inherent in the transformative cycle that occurs in the process of immaterial data becoming physical tangibility, and its iteration. Her practice encompasses traditional media such as painting, drawing, photography and video, printmaking, sculpture, installation, and performance, extended through digital media and human-computing interfaces. As a researcher, she studies human creativity, embodied action in the artist’s creative process, the act and art of creative interaction, and metaphors of cognitive translation in creative process and action. She combines art practice with her research through art-as-research methods.

Suk Kyoung seeks to expose the cultural assumptions and qualia that emerge when quantitative technologies attempt to model and reflect upon a diversity of psychophysical conditions and motivations. Her work has been shown in Seoul, London, Calgary, Chicago, and Vancouver.

Contact information: sukkyoungc at gmail dot com.

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