[Film – first edition] crowman project

video (03:24min)

I am interested in film as narrative image. I have been working with concepts of time and space. A film, with a narrative characteristic, exists in continuous time and space. Installation (as mediator), as part of the result of work, is important to me, because installations include the concept of objects which I believe are connections between images and people (viewers). Therefore, installations contain current time and space; they also work as connections for ‘Images’ (concepts; which are distanced from the viewer).

More thoughts about narration…

Our memories are contracted pieces of time. And present time is based on past time. Time runs successively. The present time becomes the past time, and the future time will end in the past time. So every memory is a coexistence of different times and spaces. We speak of these as different times, however in fact there cannot be any boundary between them.

Thinking about boundaries…

I believe consideration of time and space (therefore speed) can help us to understand conceptual relative relationships, and that those concepts are the most basic elements in any relationship between material things. Time and space are represented by the manifestation of their relationship. Relationships are connections, but there cannot be any boundaries. Those connections are in essence relative, successive, and unlimited. Every living thing is made up of non-living things (inorganic compounds). Every visible thing is made up of the invisible. For example, ‘color’ is not a tangible ‘thing’, it is an idea. Material things are made of immaterial things: Concepts.


This is an on going project about the Crowman’s dream. The film proceeds with melancholic feeling. The melancholic feeling is from people who have an object of desire, but lost the desire itself. The Crowman has lost that which makes a person desire the desired object (object causing desire). All these things put the Crowman under pressure, and to dream never stopping stories; fragments of memories. Those dreams are about desires and persistence of things.


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