Body Speed Movement Experiment (Part of a Series: The Speed of Drawing Project)

rough layout of the installation     11

— rough layout of the installation                                                                                           — prototype



— installation detail


This project is part of a series of drawings examining and experimenting with the notion of speed from 6 different (and multiple) perspectives. The image was made as a prototype, and this will be produced in a larger scale for the 2009 MADT Festival.


This project is an examination of sport as body movement with the added characteristics of competition (sympathy/antipathy) and game (pleasure/anxiety). The spiral sculpture part on the floor is reminiscent of body organs. Water and oil in the tubes are immiscible and create different layers, but when the participant steps on the spiral organ and jumps, the fluid mixture pumps through the network of tubes; if the participant applies considerable effort the water and oil will eventually be mixed. This mixed red liquid line will denote how much activity participant has expended, and this will give the participant encouragement to try to make it higher, which continues the play of desire and exhaustion.

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