Early Technical Document

  • Playback System

2 Max Msp computers

-1 for visual control connected to GSR

-1 for surround sound control connected to GSR

  • Projection

2 pico projectors

2 screens made up of fabric or textured paper

  • Media Content

Require 10 voice over actors (5 male, 5 female)

Require camera

Require sound recorder (sfu protools system)

Technical issues that need to be determined:

Art installation checklist

Technical document

Mapping of the GSR data to audio

-what parameters we want to control (trigger audio, panning, volume, effect)

Mapping of the GSR to video

-parameter to control (visual effects, video clip)

Determining the narrative structure of the installation

-audio events (random or ordered)

asynchronous visuals (random or ordered)

Duration of each performance:

About Suk Kyoung Choi

artist / researcher

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