Where I want to be / what I look at

As a member of this society, as an artist, I think the balance between reality and the ideal is significantly important. I have a concept (idea) about my ideal world; the balance of dualities in this world.  

 My view of ‘real and the ideal’ can be explained through the concept of duality; because there cannot be a priority of ‘the ideal’ over ‘the real’; they have to be balanced. Every thing has duality inside of it. We can consider the ideal with the invisible, and the real with the visible. People know the value of surfaces, but less the invisible inside. People usually do not recognize the invisible, but the invisible is also important. For example, every living thing is made up of non-living things (inorganic compounds). Every visible thing is made up of the invisible. Most material things are made of immaterial things. Even though we cannot see all things visibly, there is always something going on invisibly. In the dark of night, we cannot see as well as day time, but still something is going on, and sometimes something can be seen and heard more than in the day time. Shadows can only exist because of light. If there’s no light, we cannot see anything. Light has lightness, but also has darkness. Light and dark always exist together.

 However, it does not follow that the invisible things are better or more valuable than the visible things. I believe there are no absolutes in the material world. Everything has relative concepts contained within it. Why would invisible things be more important than the visible things? Invisible things are harder to find, and the visible things cannot exist forever. Visible things are fragile. Every material thing will disappear at some point. That is why invisible things could be seen to be more valuable than visible things. But invisible and immaterial things cannot exist without their visible ‘container’; the material percept (medium). Thus, duality is inseparable.      


 Dual concepts in the world are the basic principles. It is the atmospheric force of nature; the predisposition of nature:  

Nature as a property of matter.

    The physical world. (visible)

    General sense of materials.

    The rule of nature is the rule of the world (essential nature). (invisible)

        Nature as a property of mind.                    The instinct and the intuition. (invisible)    General sense of self.

    Nature and intuition are needed to survive in the natural world (visible).

 These dual concepts explain this organic and connected world.  



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artist / researcher

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