The Moira Project – human-computing interactive interface version

human-computing interactive interface

public opening. screen shot from the documentation video.

Spring 2008

Concept of Time/Space/Speed

   mind-time is not linear.

   : The concept of time talks about
4-dimensional space.

Speed, acceleration and deceleration of time,
is about 5-dimensional of world
; about memory and imagination world,


Scene Description

         The floating around Moira characters describe the characteristic of memory (or dreams).


         The animation in the boundaries (windows: past – wishes negative relationships positive relationships – wishes future – past) shows the Moira groups specific stories, but they are not limited by the space; they are connected with the entire scene.


         The lines that the Moira characters leave behind them are their life threads, or traces.


Audio Components

         Based on Arnold Schoenberg’s 12 tone composition method, the scores were composed by Windsor Viney.

         The music is like the Moira characters life span, and our destiny. It cannot come back until the cycle completes ; creation preservation destruction.

         Each of 4 characters are represented by 3 tones (3 aspects of their destiny).


Interactive Creation

         Determining the narrative through interaction slowly reveals the destiny of the Moira characters.


         The participants movement of the representative characters triggers portions of the narrative and the sound.

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