Artist Manifesto II

When human kind started developing play by beating and scratching, this started as a physical game, then this visceral spontaneous play resulted in intellectual response, it became a philosophical game. 

Art is a social system, an institution which embraces these ‘abnormal’ people who enjoy an intellectual or weird/strange play, or who enjoy nonsensical dreams. People consume with vicarious satisfaction and take art as a lubrication and escape from boring life through these people; artists, cultural shamans.


I would like to be an artist,

who talks about
who works with


invisibility, immateriality, gaps, inconsistency, layered – transition,
coincidence – uncertainty, and relationships,


… through visible, material, and tangible objects.


Concept of Balance of Duality

: Two sides of the world; the dual concepts in the world are the basic principles.
It is the atmospheric force of nature
; the predisposition of nature.

The Balancing force of duality is not equal.
It is a relative concept of dualities
; but it is inseparable from dualities.


Concept of Time/Space/Speed

: The concept of time talks about
4-dimensional space. 
Speed, acceleration and deceleration of time,
is about 5-dimensional of world
; about memory and imagination world,
‘mind-time’ is not linear.


I do not like the concept of ‘categorized’.
I would not like to be categorized myself.

  I would like  my work
                                      to be
            hard to talk about in a word,
            a label, instead,
                                           … about everything.


About Suk Kyoung Choi

artist / researcher

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