Multitouch Screen Design (LLP)

When we designed this portable multitouch screen we had a few considerations.

  • Portability
  • Light weight
  • Airline dimension restrictions
  • Reconfigurability
  • Ease of assembly
  • Replaceable parts

Since this is part of the CIRO project as well as prototyping for the larger screen, we had to design flexible methods of mounting the lasers (laser brackets).

We designed the laser bracket so that it could sit on the screen while being able to level the lasers accurately; accuracy of how the laser sits becomes more important as the screen gets larger.

(laser bracket rear view exploded)

(>laser bracket design has been improved since this image was prepared)

This screen frame has the secondary enclosing frame to protect the laser equipment and to limit the possibility of laser light beams spreading into the viewer’s vision plane.

(section view of the corner frame showing light dam)

When it is all enclosed you will see this baffle surrounding the screen and hidden laser mounting rails.


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artist / researcher

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