Portable Multitouch Screen (Frame Design)

This is a 3D image of the portable multitouch screen frame design as part of the prototyping for the CIRO project.

Initially, the project was formed around the idea of investigating current multi-touch prototyping methodologies in order to develop a suitable environment and technology for the study of creative applications of multitouch interfaces.
It was further defined that we would attempt to improve upon the design of an existing commercial touch surface that had proven to be not effective for the intended goal of developing a viable multitouch prototyping environment.

Problems defined with the existing model:

  • Structural Instability
  • Limited usability; ‘not easily re-configurable’
  • No documentation; proprietary packaging mentality.

This led to two divergent research paths; the existing system was an FTIR (Frustrated Total Internal Reflection) based multitouch technology. We therefore decided to improve that system and develop an alternate system for the new prototype. It was determined that this new parallel system would consist of LLP (Laser Light Plane) technology. Both systems were to have similar footprints so that the user interaction between them was not influenced by any physical difference between the support structures.

This frame design also improved upon the adjustability of the projector/camera mounting for the multitouch surface.

While fixing the older model of the frame, we had to redesign the corner bracket which would be ordered from 80/20 with other standard frame parts.

(27″ x 18″ portable multitouch screen with casters)


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